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Daily Practice Is Necessary

What Do You Practice?

Who are the best athletes in the world?

I mean not their names, or what they do, but what kind of ways could we characterize them?

One could be they are genetically gifted.

Another could be they had a certain upbringing which put an emphasis on sports.

Yet another could be they were very lucky.

But one characteristic is absolutely certain across all athletes and all sports.


Nobody gets to the top without daily practice. Hours of practice.

The same goes for the top musicians, programmers, and all other skills.

Even doctors call their business a “practice.”

Because every patient they see is different, which means they have treat each one uniquely. And since this gives them a new learning experience each and every time, it’s their “practice.”

And when they retire, they even use the verb. “I’m a doctor but I no longer practice.”

However, when it comes to the world of self development, we somehow don’t think we need to “practice.”

Like all we need to do is read a book, understand some new ideas, and POOF! We start living the good life.

Even something as simple as losing weight, or getting a six pack. We’ve been conned into thinking we really CAN get “five second abs” or “lose ten pounds a week while we sleep.”

I once saw this very interesting documentary on state lotteries.

The marketing director said that when they create their ads, they don’t promote a one dollar lottery ticket as a chance to win a million dollars.

They promote it (covertly) as a couple days to DREAM about a good life. For only a dollar.

Unfortunately, a lot of people treat self development the same way.

Whether it be prosperity, relationships, pick up, business, sales, what have you, it seems a lot of people only buy those books because while they are reading them, they are dreaming of that magical time in the future when everything is better.

And they keep that feeling for a couple weeks. And when it wears off, they buy another book, or go to another seminar, or order another DVD set.

But if you don’t start to practice, your life will never change.

The GOOD NEWS is that practicing is easy. It’s simple. So long as you start slow, and do the same little bit every day, you’ll get better and better.

Sure, there won’t be a magic switch that makes all your problems vanish while you sleep, but you’ll slowly be building a fantastic life for yourself.

And the more you practice, the easier it will be to practice. Mental exercises, journaling exercise, and when you’re ready, out in the real world talking to other people exercises.

That’s why ALL of these have TONS of exercises.

Things you can start doing TODAY, on a daily basis, to build whatever life you want.

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