Who Is Low Quality? Them Or You?

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The Solution Is In The Mirror

There’s many qualities you’ve got to have to get a girl interested in you. Many guys are looking for what to say, or how to approach. And there’s no shortage of guys who complain they can’t find a “quality woman.” That the market sucks, or whatever.

But here’s a harsh truth most guys don’t want to hear: The quality of the woman you can get (however you define “quality”) is directly proportional to YOUR quality, as perceived by HER subjective criteria.

The real truth is that most guys have trouble finding “quality women” because they themselves are low quality males. 

Like it or not, male female interactions are just as tied to the laws of economics, namely the laws of supply and demand, as with any commodity.

If she looks at you, and figures she can get guys of your quality without much hassle, then she’s simply NOT going to think YOU are high quality. Which means when she interacts with you, she’s not going to be THAT interested.

Guys of course, perceive this lack of interest as a “low quality woman.” Meaning their eyes aren’t glued to him the entire conversation. She doesn’t call him back as soon as he thinks she should. She shows up late for dates, etc.

If you don’t believe me, here’s an exercise you can do that will force you to understand this painful truth.

On a sheet of paper, or on a word processor, or in excel or whatever, make two columns.

One column is the characteristics of a “low quality woman.”

The other column is the characteristics of a girl that has low interest in YOU.

You’ll find they are identical.

The bottom line is this: If you want higher quality women, you need to be a higher quality man. And high quality not on paper, but in person.

A man who’s ONLY high quality on paper has things like a good job, low credit card debt, his own place, his own car. Anything that she SAYS she wants.

If you REALLY want a girl to BEHAVE in a way that shows deep levels of REAL attraction, you’ve got to be a high quality male IN PERSON.

You’ve got to be self confident, easy to talk to, engage everybody in the group, have an ultra strong frame, ALWAYS be in a good mood. Never butt-hurt because she’s not treating you the way you think you deserve to be treated.

These qualities are very, very rare.

Which means when you take the time to develop them, you’ll have ZERO competition for all those “high quality women” that suddenly start popping up everywhere.

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