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Dream Big Baby

Interest Rates and Fantasies

Some of the laws of economics are pretty simple to understand.

It can get VERY complicated, but it doesn’t have to.

And on a personal level, economics is inseparable from basic human behavior.

The crux of interest rates, a pretty complex subject, has to do with how humans think about desires and time.

We’d rather have something NOW than later, all else equal.

Because we want it more NOW than later, something “later” has to be worth MORE if we were to not get it now.

In terms of dollars and cents, we’d like to have a hundred bucks today, OR if we had to wait a week, we might accept a hundred a ten bucks.

This is the reason why we have things like interest rates.

Why when you borrow money, you have to give back more than what you got.

Theoretically, the person loaning you the money wants to keep his money.

And the only way he’ll loan it to you is you give him back slightly MORE in the future.

In a sense, the difference is the “cost” of money.

Like you have to pay ten bucks to rent somebody’s money for a year.

Of course, when you involve central banks and debt based money, it gets pretty complicated.

But the idea of thinking about things in the FUTURE is very compelling.

Things that we don’t have, but we want.

Unfortunately, we rarely get an opportunity to talk about those things.

Even if you were hanging out with your friends, and started talking about your ideal future, they wouldn’t support you a hundred percent.

Even family members tend to get a bit sketchy when talking about ideal futures.

Most people have a very vague idea of their ideal future.

But at the same time they have a ton of anxiety.

This is why few people ever set real goals.

The idea of achieving a goal is pretty cool.

But the idea of trying and failing is pretty real, so people tend to not think about it.

Which is why if YOU started to talk about your ideal future, they would start to feel uneasy.

A lot of times, this is where all their judgement comes from.

When they start telling you WHY you shouldn’t dream big like that.

But here’s the thing.

You can flip the switch.

Meaning don’t talk about YOUR ideal future, talk about theirs.

Carefully elicit it, and get them talking about the absolute BEST thing they hope will happen.

Most people don’t even think in such specific terms about their own future.

Let alone be asked about it by somebody else.

Why do this?

Because after that simple conversation with you, they will see YOU as different from every other human on Earth.

And when they think of you, they’ll subconsciously associate their biggest dreams and fantasies.

Think that would be useful?

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Give Your Mind to The Cloud

How To Find Their Treasure Map

Buying a gift for somebody can be fun.

But it can also be difficult.

Especially if it’s a relationship that’s just started.

Sure, you could buy something easy, and expensive.

Or you could get something creative.

Getting a simple, expensive thing (like jewelry) is usually safe bet.

But it doesn’t really show that you spent a lot of thought.

Only money.

On the other hand, if you get something that isn’t ordinary, but something that is special to them, it says something completely different.

That you know them, and more importantly, that you spent a lot of time and effort thinking.

People like to know that we are thinking about them when we they aren’t around.

However, the risk of getting something unique is they’ll look at it and wonder (WTF….?).

And have to pretend they enjoy it.

Older couples tend to know EXACTLY what to get each other.

When I was a kid, at Xmas time, my parents would buy their own gifts, and then wrap them up and pretend they were from each other.

But when you barely know somebody, getting them something that resonates with them is VERY powerful.

The thing is, every time we do ANYTHING with another person in mind, we use the same structure.

Any time we get our ideas out of our heads and hopefully into their heads, we face the same choices.

Simple ideas that we KNOW will work, but will be recognized as simple and common.

Or UNIQUE ideas that show them we KNOW them, and when we think we think with THEM in mind.

If you can remember small details about somebody, especially things that are VERY important to them, you’ll win BIG points.

Doesn’t matter if they are customers, friends or lovers.

Most people try and guess.

But if you LISTEN (and remember) they’ll tell you EVERYTHING.

Just below the surface are ALL of their magic buttons.

Ask the right questions, they’ll give you their own secret treasure map.

Once you’ve got that, EVERYTHING will be easy.

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Secret Agent Persuasion

Their Deep Inner Dreams

Doubled Edged People Secrets

Externalizing is a very common human strategy.

It happens subconsciously, and presents itself in many forms.

One way to “discover” this is by doing the “shadow energy” exercise.

The theory is whenever we come across somebody who “rubs us the wrong way,” it’s because they remind us of US, on some level.

So to prevent us from finding out that “bad stuff” about ourselves, we (or rather our ego) throws up a protective barrier.

That barrier comes across to our conscious minds as a form of “distaste” for that person.

We usually come up with some logical sounding reasons, usually ones that make US look good, and THEM look bad.

This is extremely common.

We ALL do this, ALL the time.

Not just “those other people.”

What’s rare is being able to use this as a personal growth tool.

This is where the “shadow energy” exercise comes in.

We acknowledge that we feel “distaste” for them because they remind us of us.

Then we find a place to sit and contemplate that part of ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge.

You don’t really need to address it, or confront it, or even understand it.

All you really need to do is acknowledge that it exists, and accept it.

Everybody has TONS of imperfections, this is just another one of them.

By doing this, you will discover something pretty cool.

It’s not being perfect or not perfect that makes us who we are.

It’s our opinion of ourselves.

No matter WHO you are, if you ACCEPT yourself completely, so will everybody else.

Another cool thing you discover is that the LESS people out there are that “rub you the wrong way,” the MORE you’ll be able to get.

In fact, it cuts (in a good way) both ways.

The MORE you accept yourself, the MORE others will accept you.

And the more you do so via the shadow energy exercise, the MORE resources (other people) you’ll find out in the world.

Once you understand that you can get ANYTHING from other people, so long as you help them FEEL GOOD first, there is really nothing you can’t get.

All you need to do is talk to people in the right way.

Ask them the right questions in the right order, and they’ll be MORE than happy to help you get whatever you want.

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Secret Agent Persuasion

Joining Of The Minds

Wordless Persuasion

I saw this really corny romantic comedy a while ago.

A guy and a girl were in love, and the guy died.

But after he died, he’d left behind a trail of “bread crumbs” for the girl (his grieving widow) to find.

The deal was they’d only known each other so long, and that was his way of showing her all the things important to him.

The movie was about her following all these clues, going to his hometown, learning all about his childhood, meeting his friends, etc.

Little too “romantic” for my tastes, but the idea is pretty cool.

To leave a bunch of bread crumbs for people to follow.

Especially if something is cool at the end.

Luckily, you don’t have to die to pull this off.

It’s actually pretty easy to do conversationally.

All you do is ask the right questions in the right order, and you can lead people to some pretty amazing feelings.

Feelings they’ve likely never felt before.

Most people are always talking about themselves.

Even when we are listening to others, part of our brains is trying to figure out what to say when they’re done talking.

If you can momentarily turn that part of your brain off, and just ask the right questions, you can lead people to some fantastic ideas.

The questions are easy to ask.

And they are really easy to answer, especially if you ask them right.

Done correctly, you can not only ask easy questions, but get them feeling fantastic without ever needing to say ANYTHING.

A lot of people feel a bit shy about talking about talking about their deepest desires.

But you can set it up so they don’t have to even talk.

And you can keep leading them deeper and deeper into the middle of their most secret fantasies.

All the while anchoring those wonderful feelings to whatever you want.

Your idea, your product, your service, or you.

Imagine all the ways you could use this!

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Magnetize Their Desires

The Opposite Of Levitation

When I was a kid I loved playing with magnets.

Getting the ends to snap together was pretty cool.

But I always wanted to build a levitation device.

Like Luke Skywalker’s land cruiser.

Magnetic levitation trains are built for the same reason.

There is very little resistance, so you can get the train going pretty fast.

If you have a strong enough magnet, you can do some damage.

Most hotel locks that are card activated can be opened with a magnet.

As can most electronic safes.

Attraction itself is an interesting concept.

Both as a metaphor and as a scientific law.

Gravity, for example, describes the attraction between two objects.

Just by having mass, objects are attracted to one another.

And even when described metaphorically, attraction between two people is pretty much the same thing.

You see an “attractive” person across the room.

Both figuratively, metaphorically and (if you make an approach) literally, you are “attracted” to them.

One minute you’re trying to think about what’s for dinner and then BOOM.

You’re walking across the room trying to think of something interesting to say.

In our most basic form, humans are a lot like magnets.

There are things we are attracted to, and there are things we are repulsed by.

Things we want to move towards, and things we want to get away from.

Every single thing you can think of can be put into one of these two categories.

Either something you want to get closer to, or something you want to get away from.

Most of the time, we are only concerned with OUR OWN wants and “not wants.”

But if you take the time to find out what these are in others, you can gain a lot of leverage.

Because in it’s basic form, that raw desire is the same.

Even if you don’t want to attach it to anything else, just talking to other people about their “wants” will do something pretty cool.

The more you talk to them about what they want, the more specific you help them get, the more they will AUTOMATICALLY start to associate that raw desire (underneath that surface level thing) with YOU.

So later on, when they think of you, they’ll get the SAME good feelings they get when they think about what they want.

Whatever it is.

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Fantasy Land OF her Mind

Fly Under Her Radar

Girls love it when guys chase them.

Especially guys they like.

They KNOW that as soon as they send a text, his mind will be spinning in circles trying to figure out the best way to respond.

And when it comes to sex, the language they use (with other girls) explains EXACTLY how they feel about the power dynamic.

“Maybe I’ll LET HIM f–k me after two weeks.”

Even when guys talk amongst themselves, they use this kind of language.

“I HOPE I get laid.”

Even that short phrase, “get laid” explains how guys view sex.

Lay is a transitive verb. A transitive verb requires an ACTOR and an OBJECT. You lay down and object. So when you say “get laid” you are referring to YOURSELF as the OBJECT.

For example, consider this sentence:

“I laid the book down on the table.”

You are the actor, the BOOK is the object.

Now this sentence:

“I hope I get laid.”

In this, the actor is UNSTATED. But the OBJECT is you.

Not the actor. An object HOPING to be MANIPULATED by an actor.

This is why when you FLIP THE SCRIPT, she won’t know WHAT the heck is going on.

Meaning you need to get HER thinking about YOU without her thinking YOU are trying to do that.

She has to FEEL LIKE it’s just “happening.”

This is the DREAM for women.

NOT to be “picked up” or “pursued” by some kind of player or PUA.

She wants to FEEL DESPERATE ATTRACTION and not know why.

This is what all those romance movies are about.

Not some PUA spitting game.

Some guy that she falls for and has NO IDEA why.

How do you do this?

The first step is to avoid all game type technology.

Speak in a way that sounds normal, but has DEEP SEDUCTIVE technology buried so far inside the language it’s undetectable.

But it works like magic.

Because it was INVENTED by the greatest hypnotist who ever lived.

And he was a MAGICIAN with people’s emotions.

Imagine what happens when you use them on cute girls?

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Stock Market Fight

Proper Use Of The Quotes Pattern

The “quotes” pattern from NLP is VERY powerful.

Even if you “misuse” it.

Which most people do.

Here’s how it works.

You’re next to some girl at a bar or club or party.

And you’ve already broken the ice. Maybe you know her name, maybe you don’t.

But you are chit chatting about whatever.

Then you point out your “friend” across the room.

“See that guy?” you ask, and she nods her head.

“He’s got massive balls. I mean yesterday he walked up to a girl, just started dancing with her, and right in the middle of the song he looked at her and say, ‘Why don’t we get out of here, so I can show you how you can have such a powerful orgasm you’ll forget your name,’ do you believe that?”

When you start with the “Why don’t we get out of here…” part you actually turn and look at the girl you are talking to.

The whole trick is you can say that part to her (the part about giving her a mind blowing orgasm) but you are pretending you’re “quoting” your friend.

That way you have plausible deniability in case she gets angry.

And if it works, it works.

It’s like getting the potential positives, WITHOUT any of the potential negatives.

The problem is that ONE SENTENCE isn’t going to do much.

This is also the MAIN PROBLEM with any kind of hypnosis or NLP “trick” that people learn about.

They use only one or two of them, imagining that it REALLY IS possible to say about fifteen seconds worth of words and convince a girl you’ve just met to have wild sex with you.

But here’s the thing.

If you stretch that SAME CONCEPT out to a few minutes, (rather than a few seconds) it WILL work.

Meaning that instead of saying one line that some other guy said to some other girl, you tell a bunch of nested stories that other people (characters in the story) told to other people (other characters in the story).

They take a little bit longer to learn than one sentence, but once you do, you’ll have a set of stories you can use AGAIN AND AGAIN on as many girls as you want.

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Only In Your Imagination

Get Her To Follow You Anywhere

If a girl is REALLY into you, she’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth.

How, then, do you get a girl to be REALLY into you?

Take a closer look at that first sentence.

The part about the girl “following” you.

If you try to create attraction the way most guys do, this will never happen.


Because guys do all the work. They COMPETE for her attention.

They put in a lot of effort to make her happy.

To consciously get her thinking happy and romantic thoughts.

What is the deeper message?

Even if these techniques work, and the girl feels STRONG attraction, it’s for a guy who is doing all the work.

Which means their ENTIRE relationship is based on HER sitting there in the center, while HE does all the work.

Go any social setting and you’ll see this in action.

Are girls ever wandering around looking for guys?

Not usually. Their sitting there, while all the guys come up to them.

So if a girl is EVER going to “follow” a guy, he’s got to FIRST create tons of attraction, and THEN change course, pulling back.

If she loses interest, then he’s got to create it again, and then pull back again.

This is a LOT of work.

It’s also a LOT to think about.

On the other hand, if you get her to follow you from the VERY START, then she’ll feel COMFORTABLE following you.

How do you do that?

By creating attraction on a VERY DEEP and unconscious level.

So deep she thinks it’s just happening.

She’ll just notice something about you that makes her NOT able to get YOU out of her mind.

And since you are NOT overtly using any “game” techniques, she’ll feel it EVEN MORE.

And once she starts to follow you, then YOU have set the hook.

(Usually it’s the other way around).

How do you do that?

With These:

Hypnotic Seduction

Picking Up Girls on Skull Island

Chocolate Filled Love Cake

Imagine if you wanted to cook something.

But you had no idea how.

So you just poured a bunch of random stuff into a pan, and put it in the over.

Or imagine you were at a party, and you saw a piano.

You had an idea that you wanted to play and sing and hopefully impress a few people.

But you’d never taken singing lessons or piano lessons.

So you just started banging randomly on the keys, hoping a melody would come out.

This is like the “Shakespeare Monkey Island” theory.

That if you had an island of monkeys all randomly banging on typewriters, eventually one of them would produce “Hamlet” or some other Shakespearean play.

This is theoretically true, but it may take a few hundred thousand years.

Similarly, if you just kept banging randomly on the piano, you MIGHT come up with a decent tune.

But it would take a long time.

Sadly, this is how most guys TRY and create attraction in females.

They try things haphazardly, and hope for the best.

One of the common mistakes is to just “tell her how you feel” hoping she’ll magically reciprocate.

This would be like opening your oven and saying how much you’d like to eat a chocolate cake.

If there’s nothing in the oven it doesn’t matter how much you plead.

That cake ain’t gonna bake itself!

Luckily, you CAN create the right emotions in the right order in the right woman.

You just need a recipe.

And just like a chocolate cake, if you follow the instructions, you’ll get the right result.

Frosting and everything!

And once you get the “recipe” down, you can use it again and again.

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Hypnotic Seduction

She Wants You

How To Drive Girls Crazy

We humans love our porn.

Both guys AND girls.

Wait, what?

I thought girls didn’t like porn?

They do, just not the same kind guys do.

After all, what is porn?

For guys, it’s the ideal sexual experience.

And for most guys, this is explicit sex with random strangers.

And not just passive strangers, really WILLING and BEAUTIFUL strangers.

Study after study shows this is true.

Most guys, if their absolute dreams came true, (according to a lot of academic level research) would be to take some random hottie off the street, and bang her silly.

WITHOUT even exchanging names.

Which is why porn for guys is pretty much this scenario.

What about girls?

Girls love porn just as much as we guys do.

And what is a girls biggest sexual fantasy?

To be swept off her feet by a mysterious alpha male.

Note being “swept off her feet” is MUCH DIFFERENT than some guy grabbing her and giving her a ride on the baloney pony.

This is some STRANGER showing up out of nowhere and making her feel all of those wonderful emotions that girls crave but never get.

This is why romance novels, especially the super dirty kind, are the HOTTEST selling market on kindle.

Girls can get their porn on ANYWHERE.

So what happens if she meets a guy who can TELL HER those same stories?

Especially in a socially acceptable way?

She would be as excited as YOU would be if YOUR porn fantasies came true.

How, exactly, do you do that?

Tell her those stories?

Here’s How:

Hypnotic Seduction