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How To Find Their Treasure Map

Buying a gift for somebody can be fun.

But it can also be difficult.

Especially if it’s a relationship that’s just started.

Sure, you could buy something easy, and expensive.

Or you could get something creative.

Getting a simple, expensive thing (like jewelry) is usually safe bet.

But it doesn’t really show that you spent a lot of thought.

Only money.

On the other hand, if you get something that isn’t ordinary, but something that is special to them, it says something completely different.

That you know them, and more importantly, that you spent a lot of time and effort thinking.

People like to know that we are thinking about them when we they aren’t around.

However, the risk of getting something unique is they’ll look at it and wonder (WTF….?).

And have to pretend they enjoy it.

Older couples tend to know EXACTLY what to get each other.

When I was a kid, at Xmas time, my parents would buy their own gifts, and then wrap them up and pretend they were from each other.

But when you barely know somebody, getting them something that resonates with them is VERY powerful.

The thing is, every time we do ANYTHING with another person in mind, we use the same structure.

Any time we get our ideas out of our heads and hopefully into their heads, we face the same choices.

Simple ideas that we KNOW will work, but will be recognized as simple and common.

Or UNIQUE ideas that show them we KNOW them, and when we think we think with THEM in mind.

If you can remember small details about somebody, especially things that are VERY important to them, you’ll win BIG points.

Doesn’t matter if they are customers, friends or lovers.

Most people try and guess.

But if you LISTEN (and remember) they’ll tell you EVERYTHING.

Just below the surface are ALL of their magic buttons.

Ask the right questions, they’ll give you their own secret treasure map.

Once you’ve got that, EVERYTHING will be easy.

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