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Hallucinating Holes In Boxes

There’s a cool hallucination in physics.

It’s used in both solid state physics and quantum physics.

It’s a purposely created hallucination because it makes the math a lot easier.

For example, when studying solid state physics, they need to understand a crap ton of particles in a very small space.

But since each particle has a few variables (mass, spin, charge, etc.) the math is way too complicated.

One guy came up with the idea of instead of thinking of a box of particles (which there are a lot) to think of a box of holes.

There’s a lot fewer holes. And the holes each have zero everything (mass, spin, charge).

Turns out that describing a box filled with a few holes is a lot easier than describing a box filled with a lot more actual particles.

It works because they all know it’s a hallucination.

A purposely created hallucination just to understand the math easier.

Trouble comes when we come up with metaphors to describe underlying complex phenomenon, but we forget about it.

And we start to treat the metaphors as actual descriptions of reality.

For example, a common metaphor is “The Road is Better Than The Inn.”

But you don’t have to be on an actual road going to an actual inn to understand it to mean the process of getting somewhere (even if that somewhere is at a certain skill level) is often times better than the destination.

Sometimes we do the opposite.

Instead of coming up with metaphors to describe something, we ignore that something altogether.

We’re terrified of finding out what it REALLY is.

Kind of like when you get your bank statement in the mail.

So we ignore it.

Most of us hope that so long as nothing “bad” happens, then ignoring it is a good strategy.

It seems to be working.

But what if that which we ignore is our source of our greatest power?

Power can certainly be intimidating.

There are lot of metaphorical stories about us dumb humans biting off more than we can chew.

But what if those stories themselves are really tricks?

To KEEP us from looking?

After all, if YOU discovered your greatest power, would you tell everybody, or keep it secret?

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Sex Transmutation

In You Is Money

What Have You Hidden From Yourself?

One time I was in Vegas with a couple of friends.

I had a sudden flash of insight, and hid $40 in my wallet.

In case I lost everything, I’d still have the $40 to buy gas with for the drive back.

Only I totally forgot about the hidden money.

(I suppose because I never lost everything).

I didn’t find that extra $40 until a few months later.

For a brief few seconds, I thought I’d been visited by the money fairy.

A lot of people do that.

Hide resources.

And then forget about them.

Sometimes for their entire lives.

They are always those stories of old people who lived extremely frugally.

Then when the authorities come to collect the body and clean up their apartment, they find stock certificates worth millions.

We always wonder if they knew they were worth millions and just chose to live an ascetic lifestyle.

Or maybe they just got into good habits, of investing wisely and consistently, and then forgot the REASON for the habit.

There’s a song from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” about “tradition.”

The theme is doing things just because you used to do them, without really knowing why.

The word “squirrel away” is obviously from squirrels. They collect and hide food, because they expect to USE IT later on.

But as humans, with our often confused minds, it’s easy to forget WHY we do certain things.

It becomes even MORE “mystical” when we consider that we may have made these decisions LONG before we came into this life.

If it was pretty easy for me to forget my hidden $40, imagine the kind of stuff our HIGHER SELVES might have hidden in our physical bodies!

This may be the REASON we are here.

To FIND that which we hid, long ago.

Or at the very least, to enjoy the search.

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Play The Long Game

How To Play The Long Game

Imagine if it were only possible to imagine two days into the future.

No matter what else was going on, whenever somebody started referencing more than two days out, their voice would sound like garbled nonsense.

If you read anything that referred to anything more than two days out, it would shift into unintelligible scribbles.

If your boss told you to about a meeting next week, it would seem like he was speaking Martian.

On the other hand, if he told you about a meeting tomorrow morning, it would make perfect sense.

Actually, you wouldn’t go to work unless you got paid every other day.

If boss said anything like, “work here for a week or two and then we’ll pay you,” it would sound like, “work here for blah blah blah blah….” and you wouldn’t take the job.

Imagine if all the food you had went bad after two days.

It just disappeared or something.

Obviously, life would be horrible. You’d have to be committed to a nuthouse, since taking care of yourself under those conditions while living in a modern world would be impossible.

This goofy metaphor DOES, however, point out a very necessary ingredient in being able to live a successful life.

The more you can FEEL the results of your actions today FAR out into the future, the more likely you’ll succeed.

Imagine something as simple as weight loss.

If ALL you could tell was how the food tasted RIGHT NOW, it would be tough to eat healthy.

On the other hand, what if every bite of junk food you took came with a VERY REAL image of the results in two, three, five or even ten years.

For example, imagine each time you took a bite of a Big Mac you had a vision of having a heart attack, along with the actual chest pains.

And each time you took a bit of something healthy, you got a vision of yourself with a chiseled body in mirror, along with actually hearing the voice of sexy people whispering, “Nice body, baby!” in your ear.

You might even say that when it comes to building a successful life, the ability to weigh the impact of your actions you consider today ON your distant future is the most important.

They say that this was the shift that made ancient humans shift from hunting to gathering.

After all, hunting is very dangerous. Farming not so much.

But if you’re a hunter, you can kill and eat something TODAY.

If you’re a farmer, it takes a LONG TIME to get going.

Luckily, building in this skill, of developing a LONG VISION, to help you choose the best actions to take, is easy.

And like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

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Nothing Is Real Keep Going Forward

The Illusion of Perfection

They say that practice makes perfect.

And like most “truisms” that we all tend to agree are more or less correct, this one, while well intentioned, is not entirely accurate.

As a motivational statement, it does just fine.

In that regard, it IS true. Whatever you want to get better at, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

And all else equal, practicing something MORE is better than practicing something LESS.

If they had a violin playing competition, for example, whoever practiced the MOST would end up winning.

You’ll find this is true in all people with world class skills.

They are the ones who have practiced the most.

They say you can “master” anything, and be “world class” with 10,000 hours of practice.

At an hour day, that is a little over 27 YEARS.

Which, in a world of instant gratification, seems like an eternity.

But it’s well within a normal life span.

Meaning if you start in your mid twenties, you’ll be WORLD CLASS in your chosen skill by the time you’re fifty or so.

Or, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can be world class in 14 years (two hours of practice a day) or seven years (four hours of practice a day) or three or four years (eight hours of practice a day).

Of course, you’ll NEVER get to a point where you say, “OK, I’m done, now I can rest!”

Because the idea of being “perfect” doesn’t really apply in many areas.

Sure, you can make a “perfect” circle, but how the heck are you supposed to bake a “perfect” cake? Or paint the “perfect” picture?

Paradoxically, “mastering” something is not synonymous with perfecting any skill.

No matter WHAT you are practicing, so long as you are drawing breath, you can get better.

Whether you are the world master, or you’re just starting out.

So, what would YOU like to get better at?

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End Self Sabotage

The Rabbit Hole Of Persuasion

How To Elicit Their Inner Power

I was at this goofy seminar once a long time ago.

One of the instructors was doing a demonstration to teach a deeper point.

He had one of those Russian Dolls, the kind where each larger one has a smaller one inside.

And he kept going smaller and smaller, until he got to this very tiny one inside.

And inside was an ultra rare, ultra expensive, blue diamond.

The message being that all of us have some super secret, super powerful center.

And once we find that, we can do anything.

Unfortunately, the demonstration was followed up with typical “law of attraction” mumbo jumbo, where the seminar attendees were slathered with vague language about how awesome and unique we are.

Why do I say “unfortunately?”

Because any time you reach inside YOUR mind and use YOUR words to describe somebody else, especially a secret powerful part of somebody else, it’s very difficult to match.

Match what?

YOUR words with how THEY feel about their inner greatness.

Now, most people only have a vague idea of their inner greatness.

They have a vague feeling or desire to “do something” significant.

So at best, you’re going to match that vague feeling with your vague words.

Which really won’t do much.

It’s kind of like eating a bowl of sugar, or drinking a bottle of maple syrup.

Super sweet, gives you a quick buzz, but then you crash hard.

This is also why people tend to jump from motivational seminar to motivational seminar.

They get a fix, a vague bunch of words praising their vague sense of inner awesomeness, and then it wears off.

And on to the next seminar.

Usually all they have to show for it is a ton of credit card debt.

The good news is there IS a way to elicit (not tell) the inner awesomeness from others.

And not just in a vague way, in a VERY SPECIFIC way.

And not in YOUR words, but THEIR words.

When you get somebody to specifically describe part of their inner uniqueness, using their words, their pictures, and their ideas, they’ll feel something they’ve NEVER felt before.

A REAL sense of purpose. A REAL sense of that inner desire being turned into a specific THING.

That they are talking about, with YOU.

All you’ve got to do is sit back and carefully pull it out of them.

And watch the magic happen.

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Develop Massive Female Confidence

All Girls Want You

Most guys think that walking up and number closing hundreds of girls will build up their confidence.

It can, but it requires CONSTANT motivation.

Meaning if you stop doing it for a week, it will seem incredibly hard to get started again.

But think of it from another perspective.

Our brains tend to generalize, delete, and distort.

Meaning our brains are incredibly fast, but not very accurate.

So whenever we see a new situation, our brains automatically reference our memories to get an idea of how to feel about it.

Let’s say you are trying the cold approach method of increasing confidence.

Every time you go to approach a new girl, you are going to automatically remember the last couple hundred girls you approached.

And you’ll do so within a few milliseconds. (Fast but inaccurate).

And then your brain will come back with a “feeling” indicating whether it (your brain) thinks it’s “safe” or not.

And what was the result of the last couple hundred cold approaches?

Even the best cold approachers have about an eighty percent FAILURE rate.

So the “feeling” you get back is going to say “DANGER!”

Every. Single. Time.

This is precisely you need so much motivation.

Luckily, this isn’t the ONLY way to build confidence.

Consider the “hit and run” approach.

This also requires that you interact with girls, either verbally or non verbally.

But you ONLY do so until you get a POSITIVE response from her.


It’s important you eject RIGHT WHEN you get any kind of positive signal from her.

This seems counterintuitive and a bit silly.

But consider how you’ll feel after doing this with a few dozen girls.

Your brain will still rapidly scan your past (fast and inaccurate).

But instead of coming back with a feeling that says, “girls mostly reject you, be careful,” it will come back with a MUCH BETTER FEELING.

One that is more like:

“All girls like you.”

Instead of needing momentum, to continually push past the fear of rejection, you’ll feel the positive force of “all girls like you” pulling you forward.

The crucial rule to follow is ALWAYS EJECT as soon as you get a positive “ping” from her.

Start with eye contact, move up to smiles, and then SHORT conversations.

As you as you get her laughing and smiling, BEFORE you number close, LEAVE.

This will create a fantastic feeling of “All girls want me!”

And when you get to THAT level, the world will be your playground.

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How Specifically To Create Abundance

Create A Sexual Abundance Mindset

If you walked into a bank to get a loan, what would be the best strategy?

Unless you’re participating in those shady NINJA home loans (NINJA = No Income No Job Application), you need to show them you don’t really need the money.

If you have a solid business, steady customers, and a verifiable income stream, you’re good.

But if you’ve only got a half baked idea and lousy credit, they’ll kick you out.

Similarly, the best way to get a job is if you already have one.

Or at the very least, you’re entertaining many different offers.

Women are the same.

If you’ve ever had a girlfriend, then you know THAT’s when interacting with other girls is easiest.

But this can present a horrible catch 22.

You can’t get a girlfriend until you already have a girlfriend.

This is useless if you don’t have a girlfriend.

Or so it would seem.

Luckily, with girls, you don’t need to show a resume or your credit history.

All you need is the right behavior.

And what behavior do you exhibit if you HAVE a girlfriend?

Non-neediness. A deep belief that you are attractive to women. An absolute lack of scarcity. Or as they say in Law-of-Attraction circles, an “Abundance Mindset.”

Unfortunately, in those same LOA circles, they don’t really tell you HOW to get that mindset.

But in reality, it’s pretty easy.

It require you interact with reality a little bit differently.

You could call it the “hit and run” strategy.

All you need is any positive feedback from any female.

A smile, eye contact, anything.

Starting from there, you can build up a HUGE feeling of ABUNDANCE when it comes to ladies.

And every lady will smell it. (Or sense it or however women understand these things).

Even if you’ve never even KISSED a girl, you can build this up, without ever needing to TALK to girls.

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Feel Cheated?

Do You Feel Cheated By Life?

I had this friend once that would come up with the craziest ideas.

These were business ideas, that he actually thought would make us money.

But they were based on some really nonsensical assumptions.

Kind of like in the movies, when criminals are planning a heist, and their biggest “escape plan” is, “Who’s going to know?”

Of course, once they plan a crime from that standpoint, they overlook tons of variables.

One of the common mistakes we make as people is to ASSUME that simply because we WANT something, we SHOULD get it.

Even if we feel like this just a little bit, it feels like we’ve been cheated if we DON’T get it.

This happens all the time with guys and dating.

They flirt with a girl from across the room. Then walk over, and start talking to her, and she goes cold.

They feel cheated. As if they DESERVED to get her number.

They don’t consider that she perceived him DIFFERENTLY before and after she talked to him.

Her opinion of him CHANGED once they started talking. She updated her idea of him with new information.

But from the guy’s standpoint, he feels like she purposely tricked him.

This is also very common in sales. Somebody is thinking about buying a product. They salesperson starts to ASSUME he or she is going to make a commission.

But then the customer changes their mind. Just like all humans ALWAYS do ALL THE TIME.

But the salesperson feels “cheated.”

Now, it is absolutely necessary to make assumptions. We humans NEVER will have enough information to accurately predict the future.

So we will always have to guess. If we’ve got any kind of experience, we can use that experience to predict, or make assumptions about what will happen.

Of course, if we OVERLY assume good things, and we don’t get it, we can feel cheated.

But if we OVERLY assume bad things, we get scared and we won’t take action.

The “trick” or SKILL is to develop a strong, ever-present sense of “let’s see what happens.”

We do this naturally when we play sports. ESPECIALLY if we suck.

If you’re shooting free throws, for example, you don’t feel like you’re going to die, or never be a success, or end up homeless if you miss a free throw.

You shoot, see what happens (get feedback) and try again.

If you keep shooting (practicing) you’ll eventually get better.

Pretty soon, you’ll KNOW that you shoot at a certain percentage.

How can you treat ALL ACTION like this?


Practice keeping the “let’s see what happens” mindset whenever doing ANYTHING.

ESPECIALLY things that are moving you closer to your biggest goals in life.

There are MANY ways to do this.

Visualization exercises, journaling exercies, and reframes.

You can learn them here:


How To Exceed Expectations

How to Always Beat Expectations

I remember when I saw the movie, “Stargate,” for the first time.

I read a review when it came out, before I saw it.

The review said it sucked, so when I went to see it, I expected a crappy movie.

But it turned out to be a cult favorite with tons of spin offs.

Now, it certainly wasn’t a GREAT movie. But it was better than I expected.

When a company reports it’s quarterly or yearly earnings, it’s the same situation.

The stock price goes up or down not on the ABSOLUTE earnings (or more technically, earnings per share or EPS) but whether or not the EPS is BETTER or WORSE than expectations.

A company that reports EPS of $.10 when everybody only expected $.05 will generally shoot through the roof.

Where a company that reports $1.25 when everybody was expecting $1.50, the stock will tank.

Even in the stereotypical story of a young, in experienced person with HUGE dreams, an older, more experienced person will tell them it’s simply not possible.

The conversation usually goes something like this:

“Why are you trying to crush my dreams?”

“I’m not. I just don’t want you to get hurt. To try and fail. I’m protecting you.”

Clearly, our expectations about the reality around us are absolutely crucial.

If you walk down the street expecting to find bags of money, you’ll be disappointed.

But if you’re just expecting to have a nice stroll on a sunny day, and you find a dollar bill, it will feel pretty cool.

One of the ways we mess ourselves up is if we have very VAGUE expectations.

Like “I hope something good happens,” or even worse, “I hope nothing BAD happens.”

Then no matter WHAT happens, it’s not good enough.

But what happens if you have vague expectations that ALWAYS come true?

Like, “I’m about to learn something interesting.”

So you go and do something, not really sure what’s going to happen, but sure that it will be useful information.

How do you do this?

You need to practice.

You have to have EXPERIENCE learnings from every interaction.

This is why DAILY JOURNALING is crucial.

Write down what you did, write down what happened, write down what you learned. Then write down how you can maybe use this information.

It’s also very helpful, and much more powerful, if you have some BIG life goals you’re pursuing.

Money, relationships, career, health, family, living conditions, etc.

So you can see EVERY SINGLE INTERACTION with reality as getting more information that you can use to help you get closer.

Then every action you take will be less scary, less worrisome, less anxious.

And it will FEEL more like a step in the right direction, no matter what happens.

This is one the things you’ll learn in the FEARLESS Ebook.

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Increase Your Thinking Skills

Retrain Your Thinking

When I was younger, I played a lot of golf.

I had a set of hand-me-down clubs that I used.

One thing that I always did was slice. Meaning the ball would start going straight, then it would curve to the right.

It was so consistent that I would just aim left, and then my ball would curve back on track.

People I played with thought I was nuts.

After all, anybody could see what the problem was. Even me.

My grip was all wrong. All I needed to do was change my grip, and it would fix the problem.

The reason I never took the time to do that is because I was too lazy.

Going from something that feels natural, to something that feels unnatural, wasn’t something I was willing to do.

However, had I kept that “unnatural” feeling long enough, it would have become natural.

And my balls wouldn’t slice. They would go straight.

But since I wasn’t really serious about golfing, I didn’t see the point. It was easier just to aim left.

Changing thinking patterns often require the same amount of effort. We think one way, and it gets us a less than perfect result. So we compensate.

But if we change our thinking we can get a much better result.

Problem is that changing our thinking isn’t as easy as flipping a switch, as many people believe.

It’s just as hard as training in a new golf swing, or learning a new song by heart on any instrument.

Unfortunately, a lot of self-development courses tend to imply that new ways of thinking are “once and done.”

But in reality, new ways of thinking, especially if you’ve been thinking the “old way” for a while, can take some time to “feel natural.”

In the book Psycho Cybernetics, there’s an exercise where you tie your shoes backwards. Meaning when you tie the laces instead of going right over left, you go left over right (or whatever the opposite way is).

Something as simple as this takes a while getting used to.

How do you change your thinking?

A great way is by daily journaling. Take any situation where you didn’t “act” or “behave” like you wanted to.

Then rewrite that situation, as if you behaved the way you DID want to.

Then visualize that NEW situation for a minute or two.

If you did this every day, you’d soon be thinking in much more resourceful ways. Which means you’d be behaving in a way that would get you a lot more of what you want, and a lot less of what you didn’t want.

The Interpersonal Resonance book is filled with simple but extremely powerful exercises that you can do on daily basis, so you can rebuild your communication skills from the ground up.

Going from where you are now, to an outgoing, charismatic communicator that people can’t get enough of.

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