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Enthusiasm Is Powerfully Persuasive

Become Naturally Persuasive

I used to know this guy in college.

Despite having a loyal girlfriend back home, every weekend he had a new girl.

Of all the guys I’ve met in my life, this guy, based on his RESULTS was the true definition of a “natural.”

A guy who gets TONS of girls without even trying.

I also worked with this guy once that was the same way, only with sales. He had an otherwise normal social life. Wife, kids, etc.

But you put him in front of a customer and they couldn’t help but buy from him. They would walk in the shop “just looking,” but would walk out after having spent several THOUSAND dollars, acting like he’d done them the BEST favor ever.

And both of these guys had the same thing going for them.

The reason they were naturals were they were fearlessly enthusiastic.

Neither were particularly good looking. Both radiated a kind of “I love living” type of vibe. That was infectious.

Girls couldn’t get enough of guy number one, and people could buy enough from guy number two.

They somehow retained their natural exuberance that kids have. See, most of us are super outgoing and excited when we’re kids. We run a lot. We see something cool, we run over to get a look, and we want to scream and holler and tell everybody.

But then we grow up and are sometimes even petrified when we become the center of attention, let alone actively seek it.

But the fear we feel is a paradox. Because EVERYBODY feels the same way.

And by openly expressing YOUR appreciation, you’ll take the heat off everybody else.

Which means they’ll be GLAD you are there.

Naturally, this isn’t easy. It’s best to think of this as a SKILL that you can LEARN, rather than something inherent, that you either have or don’t have.

A great way to practice is by using Covert Hypnosis. Since there’s so many patterns (like forty or fifty), you can choose ONE, and simply practice for a week or so.

Then move on to the next one.

When you combine these patterns with your natural excitement for life (that you had once but decided to hide somewhere), you’ll be an unstoppable force of nature.

Sell anything to anybody. Get as many girlfriends or boyfriends as you want.

The sky’s the limit.

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