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Give Them A Verbal Bong Hit

Make People Feel Wonderful Around You

I remember the first time I was “exposed” to NLP.

Me and a bunch of other guys were sitting in this hotel lounge.

One guy mentioned that he had some kind of problem.

Another guy casually started asking him questions. Slowly and covertly leading him through some kind of NLP conversational “change work” procedure.

For about twenty minutes, all of us (except for the secret NLP master) all were sitting around looking like we’d just taken a MASSIVE bong hit.

This is one of the “effects” you can have when using covert language patterns.

And like any tool, you can use it for good or evil.

The thing was, that while the one “guy” was the “target” for the “procedure,” we all participated vicariously.

Because the “problem” was one that most guys have.

And after that “intervention,” few of us could even remember what the problem was.

Now, this guy (the NLP Wizard) didn’t start by saying, “Hey I’m going to try some language patterns, OK?” He just rolled right into it. Nobody even knew what was going on, before, during or after.

We just kind of all experienced the same “brain fade.”

Only later, after I’d started studying NLP, did I understand what he did.

This was the same guy that would ALWAYS get most of the waitresses in a restaurant hanging around his table whenever they had a chance.

He also found a way to make a TON of money in his part time, so he could spend most of his time “enjoying” other people.

All because of two things.

One is that he assumed that within other people is TREASURE.

Two is he used his language to FIND IT.

Most people don’t think they have treasure inside them. So when somebody comes along, and starts to use these slightly strange sounding language patterns to elicit that treasure, they feel pretty good.

Only like that first time, they have no idea what’s going on.

They just know that when THAT PERSON is around, they feel fantastic.

And of course, whenever they think of THAT PERSON, they feel fantastic.

How do you BECOME that person?

One is to start looking at people differently. Instead of looking at them as objects or obstacles, train your brain to wonder what their treasure is.

Not just the people you think are attractive or whom you think you can make money from.


The next step is to learn these patterns, and use them to dig for their treasure.

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