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She Knows The Secret

How To Become Irresistibly Attractive

I was at this seminar a long time ago where we did this weird exercise.

The instructor had us look around the room, and choose two people, based only on first impressions BEFORE we had a conversation with anybody.

We did it twice.

Once to choose two people we would want to have our backs.

A second time to choose two people we didn’t want ANYTHING to do with.

Both times, we were to raise our hands when we were finished.

It was a VERY difficult exercise!

Most people had no problems choosing people they wanted to have their backs.

And at the same time, it felt good thinking that maybe somebody else was choosing us.

The second time around was much harder. Most people couldn’t do it.

The reason was to elevate to conscious thinking what we do subconsciously, all the time.

A LOT of that isn’t stuff we like to think about. So we pretend it doesn’t exist.

But it’s there. It’s human nature. It’s a survival instinct.

You can either ignore it, and hope it isn’t important.

Or accept it. And work it in your advantage.


One is to be as congruent as possible.

One thing that spends out a “weird” or “creepy” vibe is if you are incongruent.

Like if somebody is sitting next to you on the train, and they are sort of trying to start a conversation with you, but they’re super nervous. Part of them wants to, part of them doesn’t. They are incongruent.

If YOU are the one that’s incongruent, THAT’S the vibe you’re sending out.

But if you understand this, you can fix it. Become more congruent.

What happens when you become more congruent?

You’ll become naturally attractive. Charismatic. Magnetic.

Know which “class” of people are SUPER congruent? That don’t have any lying in them? That aren’t half in and half out?


That’s why they are so frikking adorable. When they’re happy, they let everybody know.

When they’re sad or angry, they don’t hide it.

They sit right there in the middle of a busy mall on a Saturday afternoon and ball their eyes out!

They don’t care who sees them!

Same when they’re happy. And you KNOW when you see a happy kid running around, few things are cuter.

Once upon a time, YOU were that kid.

YOU were that ultra charismatic person.

Imagine if you could be THAT charismatic, but as an adult!

What could you do?

Who would you talk to?

What kind of life would you lead?

You can. All of that.

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Is All Pasta The Same?

How To Skyrocket Your Magnetism

Once I had a deep discussion with a buddy of mine.

Why do tacos cost more than burritos?

It’s the same stuff, just put together differently.

We concluded that tacos take more labor per weight than burritos, so they cost a little bit more.

If you happen to go down to your grocery store, take a look at all the different kinds of pasta.

Not the whole dish, the dry pasta that you need to boil and mix with other stuff.

Most people can name a couple off the top of their head.

Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, etc.

But what’s really different about it? Same stuff, just different shapes.

Yet just a slight change in shape can make a dramatic effect on the outcome.

If all you ate was spaghetti, it would get pretty boring. But when you start to play around with the different dry pasta, you’ll probably start playing around with different sauces.

Pretty soon you can come up with some interesting and delicious combinations.

Once upon a time there was this “belief” that a human couldn’t run a mile in under four minutes.

But as soon as the first guy proved it was possible, a whole bunch of other guys started doing it.

It’s funny how our limitations keep us locked up in more ways than one.

It’s also pretty interesting that once you make very tiny changes, they can lead to dramatic results.

Once you realize it’s OK to do something different, you’ll start doing other things differently.

And when you start trying other things differently, you’ll start getting different results. Better results. Which will hopefully motivate you to try even MORE things differently.

Proving to yourself that those limitations are really just imaginary nonsense.

One of the simplest ways to change the way you do things is change the way you talk.

Just like spaghetti and burritos, by changing the STRUCTURE of your language, rather than the CONTENT, you’ll start to have some amazing impacts on others.

No need to reinvent yourself. No need to go out and get a bunch of “experiences” just to seem more interesting.

By changing HOW you talk, not WHAT you talk about, you can become more magnetic, more charismatic, and much more effective.

Think of two restaurants. One that sells only spaghetti. And one that sells all KINDS of pasta.

Which would you rather eat at?

Whether you want to build a relationship, enhance an existing one, make more money, get a better job, all you need to do is change HOW you communicate rather than worrying about the CONTENT of your communication.

This means that what’s inside your head, right here, right now, is sufficient. Just figure out to present it in the best way, and you’re set.

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