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How To Play The Long Game

I read this interesting article about how corporations take over governments.

It’s a highly complex process that involves a lot of parts.

And a lot of entities that are controlled by the corporations.

For example, they’ll have a research subsidiary, and a public relations subsidiary.

Both appear to be independent companies, but if you do some digging you’ll see the connections.

Over the course of 7-10 years, they do research (where they know ahead of time what the results will be) and then use their public relations subsidiary to carefully publicize the “shocking” results.

Once the general public see it as a problem, then they’ll have their contacts quietly contact members of congress.

A year or so later, congress creates a law that “solves” the problem.

A law that coincidentally benefits the corporation, who started the process.

The reason they can do this is they can think in long term time-lines.

Long game.

Politicians, on the other hand, must think in terms of short game.

Since they always need to worry about their approval levels.

Media are also worried about the short game.

Very short game.

Since they have to worry about eyeballs and ad clicks.

In any given system, whoever can make and maintain the longest game plan usually wins out in the end.

This goes for us as individuals as well.

Imagine if you could only see two feet in front of you as you walked.

You had some bubble around you keeping you from seeing further out.

If you got to a wall, you would have to just keep walking along the wall, hoping for an opening.

Sadly, this is how most people live.

They can only “see” a few days ahead.

When asked questions about one year or five year plans, they kind of shrug their shoulders.

On the other hand, image being able to see miles all around.

Walls would never be a problem.

You would see them far enough ahead of time so you would just make one small shift.

The further out you are from the wall, the smaller the shift you need to make to avoid it.

But with only two-foot vision, you might not EVER get around it.

How do you develop long range vision, so you can overcome huge obstacles with small shifts?

There are plenty of easy things that done daily, will slowly open your vision FAR into the future.

So all you’ll ever need to do is make small shifts.

Life is easy when you play the long game.

The short game, not so much.

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