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You Become What You Practice

Do You Practice Procrastinating?

They say that knowledge is power.

That’s sometimes true, but sometimes not.

A lot of knowledge is useless unless you know how to apply it.

Like if you watched some guy on YouTube doing a demo of how to play a certain song on the piano.

You might be able to watch enough to know the chords, keys, etc.

But you wouldn’t be able to play it to save your life.

That’s the difference between “knowledge” and “working knowledge.”

One sounds kind of cool at parties if you want to talk yourself up.

But the second is fantastic for actually creating things that you can enjoy.

Many people fall prey to the “shiny new object” disorder when it comes to self development.

They read book after book, and wonder why they are never spinning their wheels.

Imagine if you went to a friend’s house and they had tons of books on martial arts.

And you asked them how often they practiced.

And they said, “Practice? I only read about it…”

You’d think they were pretty silly.

Yet that’s how most people approach self development. They read all the books, but rarely do the exercises more than once or twice.

But just like anything else, the more you practice, they better you’ll get.

At anything.

If you want to practice procrastination, all you would have to do is do it at least once a day.

And pretty soon you’d be a world champ!

Once a patient came to Milton Erickson, and said she had a problem controlling her weight.

Dr. Erickson said he didn’t believe her. And to prove he was right, he wanted her to go out and gain ten pounds, which she did pretty easily.

This set the belief that she did indeed control her weight perfectly fine. Which made it easier for her to change her habits to move it in the direction she wanted.

Bottom line is you’ll get better at whatever you practice.

If you practice doing nothing then you’ll be a world champ.

If you practice communicating with elegance you’ll be a world champ.

If you practice sales, persuasion, seduction, whatever, you’ll be a world champ.

If you practice dealing with your inner demons, so you can express yourself openly, confidently and charismatically, wherever you are and whoever you’re talking, you’ll get pretty good at that.

This guide will show you how. It’s FILLED with exercises that will turn you into a persuasion ninja.

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