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How To Increase Your Brain Muscle

Build Your Brain Muscle

What do you see when you are walking down the street and you see guy with MASSIVE muscles?

One thing I like about science is it lets us predict things that USED to be left up to chance.

Imagine you were some hunter gatherer and you had no idea how to grow stuff.

You just knew that some plants grew over here, and others grew over there.

You didn’t know anything about seeds, or soil or water.

Then somebody decided to plant something and wait to see what would happen.

Probably took a while, which is why the agricultural revolution took so long to spread across the planet.

But once people started repeating the process, and doing it over and over, it became less mystical, and more scientific.

This seed in this dirt will yield this tree with this fruit.

Every. Single. Time.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying any kind of science or technology that is sufficiently above a certain society will be treated like magic.

And those early cavemen probably thought that growing an apple tree was some kind of voodoo.

Of course, now we know EXACTLY how it works. What kind of dirt you need, how much and how often to water, etc.

Meanwhile, back at that bodybuilder.

His muscles are JUST LIKE that apple tree. It’s not that some guys are born with muscles and some aren’t.

It’s just that some MAKE THE DECISION to go the gym, eat the right foods, get the right amount of sleep.

If you did the SAME workout that muscle guy did, you’d get the same results. Not the EXACT same results, but within the constraints of your own genetic makeup, your muscles WOULD get bigger.

This is not magic, this is science.

Same when you see a guy juggling on YouTube. You don’t think, “Wow, he must have some really good juggling genetics to be able to do that!”

Most people simply assume he or she spent a LOT of practicing.

If you spent an HOUR a day practicing to juggle, in six months you could impress people at EVERY PARTY you went to.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think this about intelligence. About creativity. About problem solving skills.

Luckily, they are SKILLS just like any other skill.

You can build your brain JUST AS EASILY as you can build your muscles.

Of course, it’s not magic. But neither is losing weight, or building muscles, or growing apple trees.

You do the RIGHT THINGS in the RIGHT ORDER and you WILL get the same results.

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