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The Power of Delayed Gratification

The Crucial Skill To Master

Scientists, namely physicists, have long been looking for a “grand unification theory.”

One simple, powerful and elegant way to describe all the basic forces of nature.

Governments spend all kinds of cash building supercolliders in hopes of smashing matter into tinier and tinier bits to help explain the nature of “stuff.”

If you can remember any algebra or math, a lot of time is spent on “simplifying” complex expressions into easy to understand ones.

If your test answer was “11/22” you might get less credit than if you put down “1/2” for example.

Our brains went through the same process, and many argue they are still going through that process.

Of becoming more efficient, quicker and able to not waste so much time thinking about stuff.

It’s easier to remember a couple of concepts than a whole bunch of specific details.

If there is ONE simple idea that is an underlying concept in ALL areas of self-development, it is being able to delay gratification.

Some scientists even tell us that our ability to forego current pleasures in order to get more pleasure in the future is one thing that helped us settle down into societies.

Hunter-gathers put in effort today, to get food today.

On the other hand, those that have “discovered” agriculture learn that if you put in a bunch of work THIS MONTH, you’ll get TONS of food a few months from now.

If you think of corn as “wealth” or even “money” the ancient farmers basically discovered how to use “money” to make “money.”

But if you gave a handful to corn to a hunter-gatherer, they would only see food, not a potential to take THAT wealth, and turn it into MORE wealth.

This is IMPOSSIBLE if you aren’t able to delay gratification.

But once you get going, that momentum just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and your yearly success grows greater and greater.

One way to “trick” yourself into being able to do this (or do it better), is take some time and compare a couple of ideas.

The idea of enjoying something NOW, vs. how much you’ll enjoy something in the future MORE if you PUT OFF your NOW enjoyment.

Like take something you’d like to eat, but shouldn’t. First imagine the pleasure you’d get from eating it NOW, then imagine a much bigger pleasure (six pack, loose clothes, compliments, etc.) that you’d get in the future if you DIDN’T eat it.

Take the time to BUILD UP that “future pleasure” until it is more compelling than the “now pleasure.”

This will take time, as it is a skill, rather than a “weird trick.”

And the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

The pretty cool thing about the SKILL of delayed gratification, is it WILL start to show up in other areas of your life.

Making it easier to build a HUGE future for yourself.

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