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Are You Memorizing Lines?

Are You Memorizing Lines?

If you wanted to model somebody, there are two things you’d need to consider.

Their outer behavior, and their inner thinking.

Now, obviously a lot of things aren’t that dependent on inner behavior.

If you wanted to make some chicken nuggets, for example, you’d only need to copy the outer behavior.

You could find a decent YouTube video, watch what they do, and copy them.

So long as you do the right steps, you’ll get the right results.

On the other hand, there are other things that require a deep understanding of what’s going on the inside.

Many people who are interesting in improving their dating skills, for example, would love the idea of being able to memorize a bunch of lines and then just “spit them out” and get the same results.

But if you’ve ever watched a crappy movie, you know there’s a lot more than just memorizing lines.

Even take two actors, everything else the same, and you’ll get two DRAMATICALLY different results.

For example, imagine some guy famous for making comedies. The guy who played “Doc” in Back to the Future, for example, but trying to pull of a serious James Bond.

Sure, it might work, but it would be DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT.

This is the fallacy of thinking you can just “memorize” what to say, and have the same effect.

Of course, when we’re talking about acting, it’s a ONE WAY communication.

Which means that actor expects us to sit there and be passive.

This is also another fallacy in thinking you can memorize lines and have them work on a potential client or romantic partner.

This is actually GOOD NEWS.


Because most books, courses and techniques involve some kind of “inner game” and “outer game.”

Inner beliefs, and outer behaviors.

But they completely IGNORE the other person.

When you take into account the UNIQUE ideas, perceptions, experiences and beliefs of the OTHER PERSON, your own “outer game” is much less important.

In fact, in reality you need VERY LITTLE outer game to UNWRAP their inner game.

And once they are seeing YOU through their own unique filters, desires and criteria, it’s much easier than most people realize.

Doesn’t matter WHAT your purpose of communicating is.

Business, personal, romance or just of for fun.

When you focus on THEIR inner game, everything else falls into place.

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