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Leverage Your Angels and Demons

Two Step Angelic Language

I started watching this new TV show on Netflix last night.

It’s about a detective whose partner was recently killed.

But throughout the show, he’s talking to her like she’s still there.

He also has a few other demons that haunt him. Criminals he’s prosecuted.

They pop up and he has conversations with them as if they are real people.

Napoleon Hill did the same thing, only on purpose, and with a clear intention.

He created his own imaginary Mastermind Group.

Famous people from history that he’d conjure up in his living room once a week.

They would have brainstorming sessions.


Most of the time, on TV when you see somebody talking to an imaginary person, it means they are unbalanced. Crazy. Nuts.

But we ourselves do it all the time.

We give ourselves encouragement. We hold ourselves back. We’ve got all these voices that we’ve remembered from those adults that surrounded us as we grew up.

This is the source of the mythological devil on one shoulder, angel on the other.

It not only affects how we talk to ourselves, but how we speak to others.

If we think something is scary, and somebody else is talking about it like it’s no big deal, we rarely say something like,

“Hey that’s pretty cool, can you teach me how to do that?”

We sometimes say things that undercut them, throw doubt on them, if only to make US feel better.

Of course, none of this is intended to harm the other person. It’s only intended to protect our ego.

But what if there was a way we could use OUR angels to speak to THEIR angels.

Or talk to them to get THEIR angels to speak to OUR angels?

It’s kind of like the difference between talking to ghosts of murders, like in that TV show, and imaginary ghosts of famous people who are there to help.

If you choose BEFOREHAND what to talk about, instead of just blurting out a bunch of randomly chosen words designed primarily to protect your ego, you’ll get a lot better results.

Choosing the right intention is the first step. But even this is something most people don’t do. When you choose an intention, or an outcome that will benefit BOTH people, you’re already ahead of the game.

When you wrap that positive intention with powerful language patterns, you’ll become unbeatable.

Sure, you won’t be able to wander around blurting out the first thought that pops into your head.

You’ll actually have to think a little bit about what you say.

But the stuff you DO say will be WAY more effective.

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