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Imaginary Friends

Get Some Imaginary Friends

When I was in college, my friends and I used to play this goofy game.

I’d stand in some conspicuous location and my friends would feed me horribly cheesy lines to yell out at girls as they walked past.

The game was to see how big of a reaction we could get.

Now, doing this with my buddies behind me was easy.

But if I did the same thing on my own, that’d be a different story.

Anything can be a lot easier if you’ve got a group of good friends at your back.

But sometimes, most of the time, this simply isn’t feasible.

Imagine if you walked into your boss’ office and presented a new business idea with a group of hooligans cheering you on!

However, you CAN imagine having an imaginary Mastermind group following you around.

Not really a mastermind group, as that is to collectively come up with new ideas.

This is more of a master “coach” group.

Now, at first glance, this seems pretty strange. But if you make sure you don’t tell anybody, it will work out pretty well.

Just choose two or three people. Best if they are actual characters. Historical figures or people from history or role models you’ve actually met.

The more you “recall” them, the more “real” they’ll seem

Imagine them with you when you’re doing borings, mundane things, everyday things.

Get used to having them looking over your shoulder, checking your work.

Not to criticize you, but to be impressed by you.

Of course, this is all a hallucination.

But being able to switch from “student mode” to “coach mode’ in your brain is very helpful.

It can also help you keep an objective viewpoint when you’re doing important things.

This is just one technique you can start using TODAY to help make those “difficult” things just a little bit easier.

Because after all, it’s your willingness AND your ability to do the “difficult” thing that will make the difference between a life of mediocrity and one of fantastic success.

And you may as well use as many techniques as you can.

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