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How Ideas Develop

How Ideas Make Love

I read an interesting book recently about the history of prosperity.

How societies went from a bunch of people who chased down zebras for dinner to the kinds of things we have now.

Now, a lot of things were necessary for this massive and continuous improvement.

But a couple of things stuck out.

One is we humans LOVE to copy each other.

One of the often overlooked aspect of the Industrial Revolution, for example, is the massive amount of copying that was going on.

Businessmen would visit factories, come with some excuse to get a tour, and then quickly memorize how everything was set up. When they got back home they’d write down as much as they could remember.

This is essentially how ALL progress is made.

Business compete by more or less copying and improving on each other.

A second thing that stuck out was what author called “ideas having sex.”

Meaning people would come up with interesting ideas, theories, and different ways of looking at the world.

Then those ideas would get into other people’s heads, and THOSE people would put their own unique spin on things.

And after a bunch of iterations, the “ideas” would kind of take on a life of their own.

Changing and evolving and pretty soon, a entire new concept would pop up. Medicine, philosophy, science, art, etc.

What’s cool is YOU can use both of these ideas in your daily life.

One is to ALWAYS spend some time each day in “observer-learner” mode. Where you watch people, not to pass the time or laugh about how goofy they are, but to get ideas.

This can either be in real life, or on TV or YouTube. Just watch people doing things and see if you might get some ideas.

The second phase comes is when you do daily journaling. This is when your “ideas” can mix with your observations to create new ideas, discoveries and insights.

“I saw a person doing X today, and I might try that to do Y, and if I did that, I might get Z, which would be pretty cool because then I’d be able to do XX…”

If you keep doing this on a regular basis, pretty soon you’ll come up with some genius ideas that when acted upon, maybe literally CHANGE your life.

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Thinking Skills

How To Practice Thinking

No matter what you’d like to accomplish, you’ll need skills.

If you want to cook a turkey, you’ll need to understand how to operate an oven.

If you want to get a degree, there’s a lot of ideas and information you’ll need to become comfortable with.

Some skills are very specific, some are general.

Some are things that people don’t realize are skills, since we do them naturally.

Communication is an example.

Since most people know how to “talk” and how to have a conversation, it’s really not seen as a skill, more like an inherent ability.

We tend to think some people are “good” at it, while others aren’t so good.

If you met some guy or gal that was really “good” at talking to people and making them feel good about themselves, you’d just think they were “naturals.”

On the other hand, if you saw some guy on the corner playing the violin really proficiently, you’d assume that he simply spent a lot of time practicing.

Of course, ANYTHING that you do can be improved. Talking, walking, persuading, tell jokes.

But for some reason, we don’t associate “practice” with certain things.

One of these is “thinking.”

We just do it automatically. We don’t even “think” about “thinking” as something we can change. We assume it’s something that just “happens.”

But your thoughts are (or can be) under your control. It just takes practice.

After all, you “become” what you “think about” most of the time.

If you are always thinking about scary stuff, and the worst possible thing that can happen, you won’t likely be super outgoing and adventurous.

On the other hand, if are always wondering what cool things you’re about to discover, you may be more likely to try new things, which will get you a lot different results than the first person.

However, when most people try it “change” the way they think, they do it once, maybe twice.

And when it doesn’t “work” they just figure they can’t “do” that.

But what if you tried to juggle ONCE, and determined you just weren’t a juggler?

What if you sat down at the piano ONCE, and tried a song, and then determined you just can’t play the piano?

What if you decided to go jogging for the first time in your life, and could only make it half a kilometer before you got tired out, and concluded that you just weren’t a “jogger”?

Pretty silly, right?

But that’s what people do when they try and “change” their “thinking.”

They try it once, it doesn’t “work” and they figure it’s all nonsense.

But if you PRACTICE thinking “right thoughts” like you’d practice juggling, or playing the piano, or learning a new instrument, you’d slowly get better.

And in six months or so, your thoughts AND your life, would be completely different.

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