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Word Juggling Tricks

One curious thing about how our brains work is the order in which things are processed.

They’ve done a few experiments that suggest our conscious minds are more of a follower than a leader.

There’s the common conception that our conscious minds are the captains, and our subconscious is the ship.

But that may be backwards.

At least sometimes.

For example, they do certain tests, and while they do the tests, they look at where our brains are “lighting up.”

They do something that will cause a “stimulus-response” effect.

But many times we respond BEFORE the conscious part of our brain lights up.

Some even believe that our conscious minds are “devices” that exist to make up logical sounding reasons about our behavior.

On the other hand, we do things like play chess and set and achieve goals.

These require a lot of conscious forethought.

Maybe we can only plan to plan.

Meaning we have to “get ready” to think consciously.

Like if somebody walked up to you on the street with a game of checkers halfway through, and asked you to move, you might wonder if you stepped into the Twilight Zone.

But when your friend surprises you with the statement, “Hey, how about a game of checkers?”

You switch in to “pre-thinking” mode and start playing.

But the funny thing is you can use words like camouflage.

Like some insects have figured out how to look like tree bark so they don’t get eaten.

You can use words that “sound like” they are sending your listener into “pre-thinking” mode.

But they really send them into “dude, what?” mode.

They hear the beginnings of what “sounds” like a request for a conscious thought.

But then end on something differently.

You can do this for laughs, or you can grab hold of their brains and slip in any idea they want.

And then get them to forget they just talked to you.

The thing about language is most people don’t EVER think about HOW they use it.

But it’s pretty simple.

And pretty fun.

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