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​Many stories have common themes.

If you study any kind of mythology, you’ve likely come across Joseph Campbell.

He pointed out that most myths from most cultures throughout all time have a very common story.

Normal guy or girl. Gets pulled into a big adventure. Makes friends along the way. Kills some evil bad guy.

Of course, the reason all humans respond to this type of story is because this is our lives.

Not just when we were born, but over and over. Every time you go through a different “phase,” you go through the same archetype structure.

You’re safe, yet bored. You’re pulled into an adventure (new school, new job, new relationships, etc). And you’ve got to learn new skills and make new friends.

But who’s the “bad guy” that you have to defeat?

Every time you have a desire “out there” in front of you, there’s ALWAYS going to be some kind of obstacles.

Even if you want to walk over there and talk to that cute girl or guy, the obstacle is always there.

Now sometimes, there really IS an obstacle. Like maybe she’s talking to some goof you need to deal with.

But most of the time, those obstacles, those “bad guys” are in your head.

And the ONLY way to defeat them is to face them.

Because simply by facing them, they will vanish.

Because they are not real.

This is why we LOVE stories like that. When the good guy kills the bad guy, we subconsciously imagine that it is US killing OUR bad guys. Our inner demons. Those imaginary obstacles that are keeping us from where we want to be.

How can you IMPROVE your bad guy killing skills?

One way is to accept that they will ALWAYS be there.

NOTHING worth getting is going to come without some kind of struggle.

Any time you face any kind of fear, of any sort, large or small, think of it as another exercise in “killing bad guy” skills.

And like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you’ll get.

In your imagination, pretend you’re Bruce Lee. Flicking his nose with the thumb of his right hand, while beckoning his enemies with his left.

Or if you want, you can be Scarface:

“Say hello to my little friend!”

There is no shortage of role models to help you kill your bad guys.

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