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In mathematics, there are two kinds of progressions.

Linear and geometric.

Linear (or arithmetic) progressions are series of numbers that increase in the same interval.

If you graphed them, they would go up in a straight line.

On the other hand, geometric progressions increase in the same proportion.

They go up a lot quicker.

The MORE they go up, the MORE they go up.

Your muscles can be thought of as arithmetically increasing in size and strength, up to a certain limit.

Meaning if you started doing pushups, the amount of pushups that you could do each day would go up in more or less a straight line.

Maybe you’d do ten, then twenty, then thirty, etc.

And once you got to an upper limit (maybe a couple hundred or even a thousand if you were a professional pushup athlete) the increases would level off.

Your brain, on the other hand, or rather the information IN your brain, can go up without any limits.

Sure, there ARE limits, but they are not based on the configuration of your brain.

You’ve only got so much time in the day, you need to do other things, (sleep, eat, take showers, etc), AND your life (at least this one) has a finite number of days.

But even if you were rich, you could afford a massive and continuously updating library of information (as well as professional tutors) your brain would NEVER get full.

This means no matter HOW MUCH you learn through the course of your life, you will always UNDER-UTILIZE your brain.

Most people don’t learn ANYTHING after school, except how to use the latest app, or the bare minimum to do at work and still get paid.

This is like having the world’s most powerful super computer ALL TO YOURSELF and using it to watch cat videos on YouTube.

Just like doing more pushups will help you do more pushups, learning will help you learn.

Especially when you step back and learn HOW to learn more effectively.

Even if you’re totally happy with your life, and see learning new things as a HOBBY, it will make life FEEL much more rewarding.

Because once you REALLY understand just how VAST your mind is, you will ALWAYS feel like you’re on the edge of a great discovery.

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