Do You Wish Instead of Choose?

You May Be Waiting A Long Time For The Birthday Fairy

Strong Choices Are Like Magic

What’s the difference between a wish and a choice?

Way back when I was in college, I had this foolish notion that as soon as I got my degree, employers would start banging down my door begging to hire me.

This does happen in the movies, and when you’ve got the right degree and the economy is red hot, this can happen.

But not usually.

Shortly after college I started sending out resumes by the dozens, and had to work a couple of crap jobs before I settled into the beginnings of what would be a pretty decent career.

But even then it didn’t just “happen.” I had to actively participate.

Now, this may sound obvious, but often times we kind of neglect the “actively participate” part.

We “wish,” meaning we imagine that somebody is just going to show up and take care of things.

Nathaniel Brandon, a famous psychologist who’s written tons of self-help books, had this big sign in his office back when he did therapy.

“Nobody Is Coming.”

This, of course, was to remind his clients that the only person who was going to make things happen was them.

Sure, people win the lottery every day. People get discovered on the street by movie producers. People bump into their dream lovers at the supermarket and the pieces just kind of automatically fit together.

But if your main strategy is to simply “get lucky,” you may be waiting a while.

The main difference between a wish and choice is one of responsibility. When we wish, we’re really waiting for somebody (or the world in general) to give us something.

When we choose, we know that it’s up to us.

Now, many people are scared to choose. Because if we choose something and we can’t get it, that means we pretty much suck, and we’d better get our cardboard box ready, right?


Simply the act of choosing fires up different brain circuits than wishing.

Wishing lives in the childhood part of our brains, when we expect to simply “receive.”

But choosing is for grownups. Grownups who know that ever action is beneficial.

Every action yields some kind of result. Every result gives us more information.

And the more information and experience we gain, the better and more effectively we can “operate” on the world to create our choices.

In the Prosperity Program, you’ll get a dual induction hypnosis session designed to take any wish, no matter how big, and how matter how vague, and turn it into a choice.

A powerful choice that will inspire you to action.

The natural action that will manifest your desires.

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