Two Crucial Criteria That Make Dating Much Easier

These Two Things Will Make Everything Easier

Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety

What goes through your mind when you approach a girl? If you approach girls. Many guys don’t. Or they wait until they are introduced, or they meet them through social circles, or they meet them online.

But being able to approach girls you find interesting, and start conversations with them is a very wonderful skill to have.

Now, many guys approach girls, but they find the process incredible nerve racking. Meaning they’ve got to warm themselves up. They’ve got to have a couple of drinks. They’ve got to go out with their buddies and make sure they’ve always got moral support.

That’s certainly better than never approaching, but that mind set has several limitations. One is that you are going out specifically to meet girls. This means it’s going to be very hard to be spontaneous. 

Imagine you hook up with your dream girl this way. You get married, have a bunch of kids, and you’re sitting their with your grand kids.

“Grandma, how’d you and grandpa meet?”

“Oh, he was so sweet. I was downtown in the local meet market, and he came up with his buds, all hammered, and spit out some pretty sweet game on me. He kept negging me and doing some crazy ‘push-pull’ that had me ALL confused!”

I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t how most girls dream of meeting their soul mates.

They’d like to believe that it “just happened.” They’d much rather believe you came up to them in the library, or the coffee shop, or some bookstore. And they knew you were interested, and you knew they knew, etc.

In order for THAT to happen, you’ve got to ditch the idea of “going out to meet girls” and embrace the idea of just living your life, and talking to girls you find attractive and interesting as a normal course of who you are.

Which means if you’re hanging out in a coffee shop (not to meet girls but just because you like to chill in that particular environment) and you see a cutie, you simply start a conversation and see what happens.

If she seems interested and game, you keep talking. If she pulls back, closes off, or doesn’t want to be bothered, you eject quickly AND politely. No harm, no foul.

One of the biggest mistakes guys have is not having any criteria. Meaning they see a cute girl, and they suddenly accept her just the way she is, before they even meet her.

Then when they walk up, it’s a matter of getting “accepted” or “rejected.”

But consider this, one of your most important criteria should be that SHE be open enough, self confident enough, and spontaneous enough to at least talk to you for a couple of minutes. On top of that, another important criterion is that she be interested in you enough to keep talking, or exchange numbers to talk some more, later on.

If she doesn’t meet these two criteria, then she doesn’t qualify. Nothing wrong with that.

So instead of going over and hoping you get accepted, go over just to find out what’s what.

It will make it a lot easier.

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