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You Can Do Anything

What Do You Practice?

I was talking to a friend of mine who had to give a big presentation recently.

It was some advanced business to business concept. Some device used in big factories.

He had to give a PowerPoint presentation to about fifty people, all from different countries.

I asked him if he was nervous, and he said no. He’d done it many times before, so he wasn’t nervous.

As the old joke goes, the guy walking down the street asks the stranger, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” To which the stranger replies: “Practice.”

Meaning if you want to become highly skilled in anything, all you’ve got to do is practice.

For a lot of people, this is horrible news. They’d like to take some magic pill, or have the information drilled into their brain Matrix-like (or like on the TV show “Chuck”) and then suddenly be excellent.

Part of the reason is that people that are really good at something have practice so much, they’ve reached the final stage of learning:

Unconscious Competence.

They’re so good they don’t have to think about what they’re doing. They make it look easy. So much that we start to think that it’s not fair. After all, that guy or girl up on stage is just having fun, yet making millions of dollars.

But what we DON’T see is the tens of thousands of hours they’ve practiced again and again. Many times at the expense of a normal social life.

On the other hand, there are people who LOVE the idea of “practice makes perfect.”

This means ANYBODY can do ANY THING. So long as they put in enough practice, and give themselves enough time.

But alas, most of us are incredibly lazy. That guy on the late night TV commercial says we can get rich with no experience and no money down.

That one gizmo that slides under your bed can give you a six pack in only three minutes a day.

The secret of success is that there IS no secret.

Sure, some people are born lucky. But most of us aren’t.

The REAL secret is that if you simply practice something long enough, you’ll be excellent at it.

Excellent enough to make tons of cash, create magnificent relationships, and get whatever you want.

This goes with real skills, like becoming a master chef or a virtuoso violinist.

It also goes with mental skills. Like developing positive beliefs and demolishing false fears.

Practice the right mental exercises, and you’ll be fearless in no time.

Combine this with some real world practice, and the world is yours.

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