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Take Your Time

How To Build Your Legacy

I’ve always been a fast eater.

Only when I have a specific reason to eat slowly do I do so.

Once when I was in college, me and couple buddies ordered some pizzas.

We made sure we each paid an equal amount, and we divided the slices before anybody took a bite.

For some reason, it became a battle of wills.

Who could eat the slowest.

We all wanted to be the “last man standing.”

The guy who had once slice left while everybody else was finished and still hungry.

(Our appetites had been, ahem, “enhanced”)

Once when I was in high school, I was lifting weights in the garage with my older brother.

He was doing the sets really, really fast.

I asked him why, and he said he wanted to hurry up and get them over with.

Most of us live our lives like that. We power through good things as fast as we can.

But we also power through bad things as fast as we can as well.

There’s no shortage of “quick” books and systems.

Get rich quickly. Lose weight quickly. Find your dream partner in ten minutes or less.

In fact, so many people spend their entire lives trying to do things quickly, but never get squat.

There’s a reason that story about that slow turtle has been around so long.

Now, I’m not saying to do everything as slow as possible. That would suck. Lines at the supermarket would take forever.

But some things are much better with a LONG view.

Like if you were practicing an instrument as a hobby. Not because you wanted to be world famous by next Tuesday, but because you enjoyed doing it.

You would realize that if you slowly improved your skills, in a few years you’d be REALLY good.

(But even then you’d likely buy a few courses called “Learn The Guitar in One Weekend”)

One of the most important skills you can develop is communication.

How you can take those ideas in your brain, put words to them, so they’ll end up in other people’s brains.

Not just passively, but they’ll be put inside other people’s brains where all their GOOD IDEAS go.

Instead of just spitting out a bunch of words so they say, “Hmm, that’s interesting,” and then forget everything you said, they’ll think about it for a long time. It will become part of THEIR ideas. That idea that started in YOUR head, will end up in a LOT OF OTHER people’s heads.

This is how you make an impact on Earth. This is how you build your career, your business, your relationship.

Instead of being just another guy or gal yammering away, people will take YOUR ideas as the real deal.

Because HOW you present your ideas is JUST AS important as the idea itself.

And when you take the time to practice consistently, five, ten minutes a day, you’ll be creating a POWERFUL life.

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